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Alina Holodov is an award-winning fine art, documentary and travel photographer based in Toronto, Canada. After receiving her degree in Fine Art History, Political Science and Spanish at the University of Toronto, Alina spent the next seven years living in both Europe and Asia and has continued travelling to over fifty countries. She was born and grew up in the Soviet Union, a part of her past that has propelled her to continue exploring all the remaining communist countries including North Korean, China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba.  Exploratory and discovery driven, she has an intense curiosity about the world and lives her life in constant search of the unexpected and overlooked. Constantly looking for a deep connection to the places she visits, her art is a way to communicate, tell a story and to make that which is seemingly invisible, visible. 

Focusing on the human experience within both the natural and man-made worlds as well as the pureness of geometric shapes within, her work is constantly evolving. Her most recent series “I am Cuba”, documents the development and transition of architecture from the “golden age” of the 30s and 40s, to the optimistic innovation in the wake of the Cuban Revolutionary, followed by disillusionment and the subsequent transition to a utilitarian brutalist Soviet design. This body of work encourages the viewer to experience Cuba’s past through these enduring structures and what they once embodied and represented.

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3rd Place – 2019 International Photography Awards

1-25th May 2019 - “I am Cuba” solo exhibition, Elaine Fleck Gallery as part of CONTACT Photo Festival, Toronto, Canada

Honorable Mention – 2018 International Photography Awards

Fall 2018 Fleck Fine Art Catalogue, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, Canada 

2nd place - 2018 Dab Art's H Gallery, MNEMONIC International Photography Exhibition, Ventura, CA, USA

Silver - 2018 Graphis Photography Award 

2018 31st Women's Works Group Show, Woodstock, IL, USA 


 The Elaine Fleck Gallery , Toronto



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